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“I immediately felt at ease with Alex thanks to her kind, caring and patient manner and ended up pouring out everything to her. Her understanding and the message that this was fixable helped me immediately.”

People come to counselling with problems they want to be fixed. By the time they leave, they have the skills and confidence not just to handle the current situation, but whatever life may throw at them in the future.

I work 1:1 with adult individuals. Some of our sessions may be just talking, getting things off your chest, or we could work together on a life-line, mind-map, or a pros & cons list to help you make decisions.

Whatever we do in a session, the aim is to help you gain understanding of who you are and why you behave the way you do. That’s the knowledge you need to help you make changes and to start feeling in control of your life again.

The benefits of counselling:

  • taking time to talk about yourself, uninterrupted, without being judged

  • a chance to find out who you are and who you want to be

  • discover the strength to make decisions and take control of your life

  • gain the self-respect and confidence you need to be happy

  • improve your relationships with open and honest communication

  • let go of old hurts and find new ways to handle situations

Some of the reasons people decide to see a counsellor:

experiencing intense sadness or depression * stress and anxiety * low self-esteem * low self-confidence * problems in relationships * lack of assertiveness * loss and bereavement * life transitions * identity crisis * work – life balance * career change * decision making * personal development goals

If you are struggling and need to talk, send me a message or give me a call and we can set up our first appointment.


“Alex said to me at the start that this process would give me back control and I could create the person I wanted to be. At the beginning, that made no sense to me, but now I really do feel in control of myself and the decisions I make. The result is that I am much happier, and much more productive in every aspect of my life.”

Working with a coach means you have someone dedicated to helping you set goals and make them happen. No more ‘yes but..’, ‘I can’t’, ‘I don’t know how’. Together we find the answers and resources you need to make powerful lasting changes in your life.

Sometimes people who come for coaching don’t know what their goals are yet. They just know what isn’t working. That’s a great place to start and we can decide where your priorities lie, and which are the main areas to focus on.

Coaching is about finding solutions, not focusing on problems. If there is something holding you back, then we don’t dwell on it – we work together to find the answers and resources you need to move forward. When you have decided what you want, and you have a plan to get there, then anything is possible.

Benefits of Coaching:

  • Get clear on what you really want in life – own your dreams & ambitions

  • Set specific goals, in specific areas, with timescales of the changes you need to make

  • Work to an action plan to achieve your goals that keeps you motivated and focused

  • Push past any negative beliefs or fears that are holding you back

  • Gain super strong confidence & self-belief with dedicated 1:1 support

I have worked with people wanting to make changes in areas including:

career change or setting up a business * creating a sustainable work-life balance * developing business skills or aiming for promotion * buying a house, renovation projects or relocating * planning a future with a partner or spouse * planning for significant life events like having children, redundancy or retirement * getting a healthier lifestyle * improving communication skills & assertiveness

If you are ready to make some big decisions and powerful changes in your life, then send me a message or give me a call. I’d be excited to help you starting reaching your goals.

Therapy For Women

“Without Alex’s help, I don’t think I would ever have come to this level of self-understanding and acceptance. There’s no miracle cure, but the positive results are obvious to me and others.

Current statistics show that 1 in 5 women in the UK is reaching their 40s without having had children, and that for 80% of those women, it was circumstances, not a choice.

Do you have children” seems like such an innocent question, unless this is something that causes you hours of soul-searching and heart-ache. It can make you feel angry, resentful, jealous, isolated and even ashamed. Those feelings are not something that are often talked about, and bottling them up can be exhausting.

For Women Therapy is a chance for you to talk honestly and openly with another woman who has been in your situation but won’t assume, or judge, or say “why don’t you?..”

Every woman’s experience is unique and there is no one-answer-fits-all. These sessions are about you finding the right way forward for you, the practical, mental and emotional steps you need to take to make peace with your current situation, whatever that may be.

Benefits of For Women Therapy:

  • Talk through all your hopes, fears, dreams & disappointments in a neutral and supportive space

  • Find different ways of understanding your experience as a woman and/or a mother

  • Understand and let go of any events/decisions/missed opportunities or circumstances which you regret

  • Explore the meaning of motherhood for you and how to embrace your maternal nature

  • Nurture forgiveness and self-compassion to create a happier, more accepting version of yourself

Women who come for this support are:

deciding if having children is right for you * worried that it might be too late * making the decision to let go and come to terms with a life without children * experiencing loss, grief or social isolation because of your situation * have experienced infertility, miscarriage or terminations * have regrets that are holding you back from finding happiness * want to understand your thoughts & feelings around being a woman and/or a mother

If you are looking for a sensitive, impartial and non-judgemental place to talk, please email me or give me a call so we can set up your first session.

In the Workplace

“Work can have a positive impact on our individual health and well-being and, in turn, healthy & well motivated employees have a positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of a business.” (Acas)

Our working life has the potential to offer us so much reward – not just financially, but to make us feel we have a purpose and are valued.

But if things start going wrong at work it can affect our whole life as the pressures and stresses build up.

Workplace support is a way of sorting out where the problems are and helping you find ways of managing them. You can learn new tools, techniques and strategies that help you stay on top of your work, keep the stresses at bay, and get you back to feeling on top of your game.

Benefits of Workplace Support:

  • increase engagement with your job role and colleagues

  • get back to peak performance with new strategies & skills

  • manage pressure, deadlines and workplace stress

  • communicate assertively and with confidence

  • create a healthy work-life balance

People who seek support in the workplace are looking to:

learn effective time management * manage pressures & deadlines * improve working relationships * get promoted or find a new role * communicate assertively and learn to say ‘no’ * handle bullying or harassment * decide on training or development needs * meet key performance targets * set boundaries between work & personal life

If you are struggling at work, check with your HR or occupational health department to see if you have an Employee Assistance Programme where you could get free sessions.

If you don’t want to access support through your workplace, send me an email or give me a call and we can discuss booking a session together.

If you would like to discuss which therapy is best for you, send me a message at info@time-to-change.me.uk or give me a call on 07779 004292.