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Do you find you’re always planning big changes but then nothing happens? You don’t know how to put your plans into action? You procrastinate and make excuses until you’re fed up and start the planning cycle again?

We can all dream big in our heads but turning those dreams into a reality is a different story. Our lives can be so busy and demanding already that it’s hard to find the time and space to put plans into action. Or we have some idea of how we would like things to be different, but can’t get clear enough on what we want to decide which way is forward.

Coaching is a goal-orientated, solution-driven approach to making changes. Working with a coach helps you to get laser-focused on your what your goal needs to be and create a concrete plan to make it happen. You will be encouraged to make the decisions you have been avoiding and make a solid commitment to yourself and your life choices.

Alex Pledger brings a compassionate but no-nonsense approach to coaching. Her background in counselling means you will have emotional support when things get tough, but will be challenged, motivated and inspired to drive change forward.

The benefits of coaching include:

  • Find out what you want to change, get crystal-clear on your goal and start strategic planning

  • SMARTE goal setting – specific, measured, actionable, realistic, timed and exciting

  • Become accountable for your actions, stop procrastinating and make things happen

  • Boost your confidence by committing to yourself and your goals

  • Feel understood, supported, challenged and motivated

  • Sessions available locally face to face or nationally via Skype

Coaching is available as a 1:1 service tailored to address your specific goals, or you might choose a package which can be delivered in six sessions to focus on a particular area. Some of the packages include:

Welcome to Wellness

Reboot your wellbeing by exploring and reviewing your habits and routines. Eating, exercise, relaxation, self-care, lifestyle choices – they all play such an important part in us feeling mentally and physically well so why not take the time to give them an overhaul and discover a new sense of wellness.

De-Clutter Your Life

Your wardrobe, cupboards, attic or whole house can get full up with things things that you keep meaning to clear out, until your home – and head – are overflowing. With some focused support and hands-on help you can break free of the things you no longer need and enjoy the space and calm of a de-cluttered life.

Career Change Checklist

Looking to change career, re-train or start up in business for yourself can often feel like a daunting task, not knowing where to start or how to move forward. Coaching can help you get clear on what you are trying to achieve, how to go about it and when you are going to commit to making things happen. Stop procrastinating and start the process, your new professional life is waiting!

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

How often do we let fear get in the way of us doing things we would love to do? Whether it is at work, or personal lifestyle goals, or just getting out more and choosing to say ‘yes’ to new things in life, fear can get in the way and keep us stuck. With some motivation, support and encouragement, we can learn to push our comfort zone and start to live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

If you would like to find out how 1:1 coaching or a tailored package of sessions could help you to achieve your goals, please use our contact form, email or call Alex directly on 07779 004292.