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Do you feel overwhelmed by thoughts buzzing around your head? Can’t focus or relax? Feel sad or anxious or confused and can’t shake the feeling?

Most of us find it true that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ because talking things through with someone supportive makes our problems seem more manageable.. Sometimes though, we don’t want to talk to the people closest to us like our partner or family or friends. We don’t want to worry them, or we know they have a particular opinion, or we’re frightened they will judge or reject us. Sometimes we just don’t know what it is we need to say.

Talking with a qualified professional gives you the chance to say whatever you are worried about, whatever you have been feeling, without fear of being judged or told what to do. With your therapist’s help you will begin to understand what is causing you the problems, and what it would take to make things better.

At Time to Change we use an integrative therapy approach which combines different counselling theories to offer you multiple benefits:

The benefits of integrative counselling:

  • speak freely without fear of being ignored, interrupted or criticised

  • be asked questions to help you dig deeper into what you are really thinking & feeling

  • explore if and how past experiences are still affecting you today

  • understand & change unhelpful patterns or cycles of thinking or behaviour that you fall into

  • gain confidence in communicating openly, honestly and assertively

  • feel understood, supported & motivated to make lasting, positive changes to yourself and your life

We have four counsellors to choose from at Time To Change. Each one offers different skills, experience and a unique perspective on how to help you. We are all trained and qualified in integrative therapy which means we are able to help you explore all the areas where you may be having problems – from your past, in your present or any fears about the future.

As well as being therapists who aim to do our very best to help you get back on track, we are also pretty unpretentious, normal, friendly people! So have a look and if you would like to find out more or book a session then use the contact form to get in touch. 

Alex Pledger

Alex Pledger Time to Change Counsellor in BirminghamAlex Pledger is our lead counsellor and the director of Time To Change. She has been working to help people make positive changes in their lives since her early days volunteering for the Samaritans. Over the past nearly twenty years she has trained and developed skills as a counsellor, coach, supervisor and mentor. She has worked with various organisations including the NHS, schools & youth projects, private hospitals, employment agencies and employee assistance programmes. Her private practice – Time To Change – has been established since 2005 and has grown to include other counsellors who she supports and mentors.

She is a Senior Accredited Counsellor with BACP and is registered to work with leading health care providers including BUPA, Aviva and Cognacity. She is also a trained life coach and clinical supervisor.

“People often think that as a counsellor you must be ‘sorted’ and your life is all in order and easy. If only that was true! Like so many of the people I work with, my life has its ups and downs. But what I’ve learned over the years, and what I am passionate about sharing with my clients, is that, however difficult a situation might seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and nothing stays the same forever. You may need new skills, or different resources, and to get stronger and more resilient when you feel least able, but you will find a way through. I know it is true for myself, but I’ve also seen it happen time and time again with my clients.

Some of my clients have said I use a ‘tough love’ approach and I think that’s true. I say it how I see it, I ask difficult questions like ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’ and I can be gently and persistently challenging if I think there is something that is really holding you back. But they’ve also been kind enough to say how warm, funny, caring and compassionate they find me.

And I’m honest. I try to walk the talk. I’m a firm believer that looking after yourself benefits not only you, but those around you. I’m interested in all aspects of well-being and a vocal advocate of self-care. Running, yoga, cake baking (and eating!), music, reading, mindfulness, dancing… whatever keeps me healthy and happy… and I nudge and support my clients to find what fuels their mojo.

There is no magic fix to get a ‘perfect’ life, but with the right care and attention we can all get closer to living the best version of ourselves.” 

Alex is available at the BAC Centre (Moseley) Monday – Thursday and charges £60 per session.

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Kathryn Broome

Kathryn qualified as a counsellor in 2018 having completed a degree-level education. She has worked with clients in different placement settings over the last two years and, prior to that, worked as an apprentice programme lead and mentor for students in a business setting. She works 1:1 helping clients address issues including bereavement, depression, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed by the demands of modern life. Kathryn has particular experience working with mature clients.

Kathryn enjoys spending time with her family and friends and reading widely. She also likes being outside and walking her dogs in the countryside, often ending with numerous coffees or lunch!

“I don’t think people need ‘fixing’. Instead, I believe by supporting you with care and compassion, you will be empowered to find what’s right for you & the freedom to be who you truly want to be.”

Kathryn is available at the BAC Centre on Wednesdays and charges £40 a session.

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Lydia Heise

Lydia qualified as an integrative counsellor in 2018.  Her previous experience working as a nanny, learning mentor and inclusion assistant within Special Educational Needs (SEN) led to her interest in becoming a counsellor.

She has worked with clients in a voluntary setting and addiction service and has specific experience in helping with alcohol and substance issues including low self-esteem, loss of identity and breakdown in relationship or family dynamics. 

Lydia spends time pursuing her academic career with reading and research.  She enjoys walking her rescue dogs, watching live music particularly at festivals and travelling.

“I’m motivated by helping people to achieve positive changes in their lives. I offer every client a relationship based on trust, respect and non-judgement so we can work together to make those changes happen.”

Lydia is available at the BAC Centre on Fridays and charge £40 a session.

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Steve Mash

Steve is trained in working with couples and families as well as with 1:1 individuals. He has a creative and interactive approach to working with clients, sharing a range of verbal and written tools to help people drill down into what needs to change whether it is mental outlook, behaviour or circumstances. He can work with clients to find the root cause of problems or offer coping strategies to enable clients to move forward quickly including visualisation, tapping therapy, mindfulness and neuro-linguistic reprogramming.

He practices Brainworking Recursive Therapy, a therapeutic technique which can relieve the symptoms of anxiety, stress or distress.  He is also trained as a coach and mentor.

Steve works at Citizens Advice Bureau and is an active member of his local home community if he is not keeping fit and enjoying being with his family outdoors.

In terms of philosophy, I like to think we are all ‘beautiful messes’ and works in progress. Life is about trying to have as much fun as we can on our journey.”

Steve works at Solihull Wellbeing Clinics. He works weekday evenings and has a Saturday morning clinic. He charges £45 a session.

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